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Description and organization of the game

At GameVelvet, Cacheta is played by maximum of three players who play individually.

  • Players: 2 a 4
  • Decks: two 52 cards tradicional (without the Jokers)
  • Distribution: 9 cards to each player
  • Goal: lay on the table all the cards in your hand before the other players
regras jogo cacheta descrição

Definitions of the Cacheta Game

regras jogo cacheta trinca

Three of a kind

Three cards of same value and different suits, given that the players might add even a fourth or fifth card of the same value, as long as it is one of the three suits of the three of a kind. Example: 5 of Hearts, 5 of Clubs, 5 of Diamonds and another 5 of Diamonds.

regras jogo cacheta sequencia


Three or more cards of the same suit in order of rank. The ace, in sequences, can be used above the King or below the Two.

regras jogo cacheta vira


Card of the pile that will be turned to determine the Joker, that will always be the card above the one that has been turned, obeying the same color. Examples: turned the 8 of Clubs, all the 9 blacks will be jokers.

regras jogo cacheta curinga


Card that can substitute any card in a sequence or three of a kind. You can only use one Joker per game.

regras jogo cacheta rodada


Sequence of plays that occur until a player lays their cards on the table.

regras jogo cacheta bater


Arrange and lay on the table the nine or ten cards in your hand (the nine you got plus the one you bought), forming three of a kind or sequences.

regras jogo cacheta ordem das cartas

Cards order

(from lower to higher): A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K (the A can also be used after the K)

regras jogo cacheta monte


Pile of cards left after the distribution

regras jogo cacheta lixeira

Discard Pile

Cards discarded by the players, of which only the last one is shown.

regras jogo cacheta to na boa


Let the other players know you only need one card to win, so you can cut the line.

regras jogo cacheta furar a fila

Cut the line

Buying from the discard pile when it?s not your turn, with the goal of laying your cards on the table. This can only be done by players who announced they are ?na boa?.

regras jogo cacheta se queimou

Get burned

When a player that is ?na boa? cuts the line, but the card in the discard pile is not fit for him, this player gets ?queimado? and can?t cut the line anymore.

Fast guide to play Cacheta

Each player gets 9 cards alternantly.

The Turn card is revealed to define the Joker cards.

The first player picks a card from the deck and tries to form the game (and, if possible, lay the cards on the table). This player discards a card, starting the discard pile.

The next player chooses between picking a card from the pile or from the discard pile.

The game continues until there is only a card missing for one of the players to lay their cards on the table. This player can say he is "Na boa" to buy from the discard pile at any moment.

Wins the match whoever gets to discard all their cards first.

regras jogo cacheta como jogar


Each player starts with 10 points. The game happens in rounds, when a player lays on the table 9 cards, all the opponents lose 1 point. If he lays 10, the opponents lose>2 points.

The player who loses all his points is out.

regras jogo cacheta contagem de pontos

Tips to win at Cacheta

Check two quick tips that can change your game completely:

Everytime you can, try to lay down 10 cards on the table!
Laying down 10 cards is the same as winning two ?regular? matches. You take down 2 points from each player, in addition to EARNING MORE RESPECT!

Don?t get burned
Some players want to play smart and claim they ?estão na boa? without actually being. This, most times, ends up wrong. In case the player who claimed to ?está na boa? picks up a card from the discard pile and doesn't lay down their cards at the table, they ?se queima? and can only lay down their cards in his turn, which gives a great opportunity to the other players.

regras jogo cacheta dicas 1 regras jogo cacheta dicas 2
regras jogo cacheta fim de jogo

Game Over

The player who eliminates all the opponents wins./p>

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