Anti-Fraud Ranking Policy.

What is it?

To avoid frauds and guarantee the weekly ranking sportsmanship, GameVelvet "adopted a politic" to limit the number of matches played with the same opponent in a 1 week period (Weekly Ranking of the Ranked lounge)

How does it work?

When a match begins at the Ranked lounge and the Anti-Fraud Ranking policy is valid for the ongoing game, the data of all players at the table are updated, adding 1 match to the GameVelvet data base related to each opponent at the table.

Ex: In a game where 2 players play in between them, one against the other, player A and player B. The limit of matches with the same opponent that are worth points for this game is 3. The players A and B haven't played any matches on the week yet. A match begins between the 2 players, at this moment the Anti-Fraud Ranking Policy computes 1 match for player A against player B, the same happens for player B (1 match against player A)

The players begin a new match, at this moment the players will have 2 matches between them. If another match occurs, they'll have 3 matches played between them. At the beginning of the forth match, the system will send an alert, and that match wont be worth points for the Ranking. The players can keep playing, but without counting points for the Ranking. The same happens if a player plays more than 5 matches against the same computer.

If the match is not worth points (the maximum number of matches with the same opponent was achieved) the players can leave the table without the punishment of 5 points on the Ranking for abandonment.

If player A clicks on a chair to play on a table that player B is already at as his adversary and they have already reached the limit of matches in that week a alert will be shown and player A will have the option to ask permission for the other players to play on the table. If they accept the matches won't worth points for the weekly ranking.


When a player reaches the week limit of games against another player, the match wont be worth points, however, the match will be worth points if the players play as partners (valid for games played in duos).