• GameVelvet app

  • compatibility and installation

Installing on

Let your Linux more fun

There's no need to wrap your head to install GameVelvet on your favorite system . Just follow the listed commands to download more than 26 games straight to your Linux. Wanted something more challenging than this? No way! Enjoy your free time to show your skills on our tables, boards and games.


  • Desktop and Notebook


    We recommend Ubuntu
    with Oracle 32 Bits Java
    512 MB RAM
    1.6 Ghz processor or faster
    Recommended resolution 1024x768
    100 MB of free space (recommended)
    Internet connection (broadband recommended)

  • how to install


    Open terminal and permit execution of the downloaded file with command chmod +x installer-gamevelvet.bin then run ./installer-gamevelvet.bin

    2On the first screen of the installation program, click
    I agree > Next > Install > Close

    3To execute, access your desktop and double click the GameVelvet icon