Check out our online games rankings.

GAMEVELVET has different rankings so you can compete with hundreds of players online. Each one of our games has its own rankings. For example, playing in the Spades ranked lounges or in the tournaments you are automatically joining the daily, weekly, monthly and annual rankings, as well as in the ranking per level at this game. There is no limit of rankings to compete, you can simultaneously participate in each online game at GAMEVELVET (only ranked lounges and tournaments)

Ranking Beginning Ends Points
Daily everyday at 00h every day at 23h59min accumulated throughout the day
Weekly monday at 00h Sunday at 23h59min Accumulated throughout the week
Monthly first day of the month at 00h at last day of the month 23h59min Accumulated throughout the month
Annual first day of the year at 00h at the last day of the year at 23h59min Accumulated throughout the year
Level - does not end accumulated forever on MEGAJOGOS


By the end of each year, we set the Hall of fame,
eternalizing the name of the best of the year on GameVelvet. Besides each game ranking, we created a new ranking: the GV Ranking, that unites all your participation in our site. That being, all games, achievements and tournaments points count to build your position at the GV Ranking. The achievements still have their ranking: the The Achievements Race. This ranking bets on creative items and receives constant update. Besides the games achievements you unlock achievements related to your actions on GV, such as anniversary on gv, early annual passport renewal, and others. The points obtained on the Achievements Race are worth for the GV ranking as well. Find out the avilable, prize and ranking achievements.

With the new rankings, you have even more chances to stand out and win medals.
All trophies and medals will be displayed on your Trophy Gallery.

Note: The ranking points are credited on the end of each match or tournament.

EX: If the game begins on Sunday 23h and ends on Monday 1h30, the points will be valid for the ranking that begins on Monday.

Check your position

You can check your ranking position to know who was the best of the day, the week, the month and the year between your friends and all players on GameVelvet. To check, choose the ranking you wish to see on the page RANKINGS.


All players begin at level 1 in each game.

Every game is a different game. You can be very good at Spades and not so good at Canasta. This way, a person can be on different levels in different games.

This level increases and decreases according to your performance and influences on your scoring on tournaments of different games.



Playing matches in ranked lounges and tournaments are worth points for the rankings.

Every time a player wins a match he will earn points and, if he doesn't, he will lose points.

Learn more about the match points:

  • The opponents levels defines the match score;
  • The matches are worth less points as the distance between the opponents levels increases;
  • Players at levels 1 and 2, in special, lose only half the match points in order to encourage them to compete;
  • Ties give 50 points;
  • Matches between players at the same level are worth 1000 points and between players at 20 levels of difference or more, lowers 100 points.
  • When playing with a partner the level will be the average between the partners levels.
  • Zero is the lowest score, therefore, a player never gets negative points.

Check out a sample of how the level is in relation to the match scoring:

Difference between your level and your opponent's Match score
between levels 0 and 20 1.000 points
between levels 21 and 40 900 points
between levels 41 and 60 800 points
between levels 61 and 80 700 points
between levels 81 and 100 600 points
between levels 101 and 120 500 points
between levels 121 and 140 400 points
between levels 141 and 160 300 points
between levels 161 and 180 200 points
between levels 181 and up 100 points
simulate your match's score
Difference: - levels
Scoring: - scores


Avoid abandoning matches not to be penalized. In case of abandonment are debited the value of the match + half of this value. EX: If the match is worth 1000 points and you abandon it, you'll lose 1000 points (match value) + 500 points (half of match value) as penalty.


In games with individual matches such as Hangman, Mau Mau and Battleship, the scoring follows a particular rule where part of the player get points according to the place, and other half loses pro rata:

Placement Scoring Example: Match worth 1.000 points
1st Place wins 100% of the points + 1.000 points
2nd Place wins 50% of the points + 500 points
3rd Place loses 50% of the points - 500 points
4th Place loses 100% of the points - 1.000 points

In case of a tie, their placement will be the number of players that tied summed to the number of players with superior score. See examples bellow:

No tied + No players w/ best score = tied placement
1st Place
+ 1.000 points
2nd Place
+ 500 points
3rd Place
- 500 points
4th Place
- 1.000 points
Example A 1 player - 2 players tied 1 player
Example B - 2 players tied 1 player 1 player
Example C 1 player - - 3 players tied
Example D - - 3 players tied 1 player