It is a weekly ranking competition, which starts at 12:00 am every Monday.
In effect since 03/19/2012

Note: The ranking points will count on the day and time of the end of the match. Example: If the game starts at 23:50 on Sunday and ends at 01:30 on Monday, the score will be valid for the ranking that just started.


At the single player games the Ranking works in the following way:

- Whoever scores more points in a match during the week ranks higher.
- Only the higher score in a match counts (weekly record);
- To improve the score each player can play as many times as they want (only the higher counts)
- At the weekly ranking each player has only one record. You must play again to be in the next weekly ranking.


The scoring system may change for each game. For further information about the scoring system check the game rules.