Rami is a combined cards game (the objective is to combine cards) for 2 or more players. Rami is played with 2 decks of 54 classical cards, including Jokers. The cards order is Aces-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-Jack-Queen-King-Ace. The Ace goes before the 2 and after the King. The round objective is to be the first one to knock out all cards from hand. The losers get a certain amount of points. The main objective is to score the least number of points. At GameVelvet, the players can chose how many points eliminates a player from the table: 101, 201 and 501.

Card Distribution

The first dealer is randonly chosen, then each player will deal the cards in an alternate fashion for each round, clockwise. Both decks are carefully shuffled to for just one pile. After that, the dealer deals 14 cards each player, and finally, flips the next card to start the discard pile. The leftovers form the draw pile and the player from the left side of the dealer who starts.

Game Turn

Coinche is a possibility that the defending team has to bet on the attackers not completing their contract. The fact of cornering an adversarie's game brings thrill and challange.

A Coinche will duplicate the points when they are added to the score. Only the adversaries can retreat. The losing team gets no points, except if it has a Belote (scoring the 20 points the Belote is worth). 


Team 1 starts with a 140 points contract. Team 2 is in Coinche. - If team 1 scores more than 140 points, their score will raise: 140 pointos times 2, plus the number of points scored. Team 2 adds nothing to their score. - If team 1 scores less than 140 points, it doesn't score at all. Team 2 gets 140 * 2 +160 = 400 pontos.

Belote Coinche from GameVelvet goes up to 2000 points.

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