Online Spades! Close the contract to win tricks on this online game where spades are always the trump suit.

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de 1/1 to 12/31

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Player: bsum
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Mar 28, 2017 bsum, donadean
Mar 26, 2017 karisue, donadean
Nov 27, 2016 queenbitch, sojazzy
Nov 26, 2016 funtime, dynise
Nov 25, 2016 bluehaven, bosshogg
Nov 24, 2016 crickett, zykiadaria
Jun 22, 2016 zykiadaria, georgian
Jun 21, 2016 tw
Apr 8, 2016 livelaughluv, alisaevans92
Feb 15, 2016 holdenbeach4, ivyfaith

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Tips and Strategies

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If you are the fourth bidder, add up the number bid thus far and subtract from 13. Bid as close to that number as possible otherwise you will leave too many bags.


don't forget that any void in a suit gives you added value. It is irrelevant for a nil but it may give you an extra spade trick.


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Watch all cards played especially when your partner has a nil.


Spades is a true team game. But the most important thing to learn first is how to bid. There are too many scenarios to list on how to bid each hand. Bidding is key. Next learn how to remember what cards were played. Always keep track of what spades were played. Good Luck