The game Stratego has two participants,that use a board to play.

  • Players - 2.
  • Pieces - 80 pieces, 40 blues and 40 reds. Being both colours formed by:
    • 1 Marshal(10);
    • 1 General(9);
    • 2 Colonels(8);
    • 3 Majors(7);
    • 4 Captains(6);
    • 4 Lieutenants(5);
    • 4 Seargents(4);
    • 5 Bomb Defusers(3);
    • 8 Soldiers(2);
    • 1 Spy(1);
    • 6 Bombs(Imóvel);
    • 1 Flag(Imóvel);
  • Board - 100 tiles board, with 2 lakes of 4 tiles at the center.
  • Objective - Capture the enemy flag or leave the opponent without valid movements.

Scoring While the individual value of each card indicates which combinations can be done, the player must consider the scoring criteria when it's time to decide which combination he/she will choose.

This is because the maximum score is calculated based in what cards the duo has on their pile at the end of each hand:

THE DUO THAT HAS: SCORES In case of a tie:
More cards 1 point No one scores
More cards from Diamonds suit () 1 point No one scores
The "First" 1 point No one scores
The "7 Bello" (7) 1 point -
More Scopas 1 point each scopa -

For the final score, all points from each hand are summed up. Wins the team that reaches first the maximum score choosen at the begining of the match (11, 16 or 21 points).

Understanding the "First"

For calculating the First, you must check the pile of each duo and consider only the highest card from each suit, following the value scale below:

CARD 7 6 A 5 4 3 2 J Q K
VALUE 21 18 16 15 14 13 12 10 10 10

The game happens in turns, alternating in between the two player. At each turn the player must move a piece or attack the adversary piece.

Initial Formation

Before the begining of the match, each player must choose his/her army formation, arranging the pieces as they wish at the last 4 lines of the board.


Movement Rules

  • The pieces move a tile each turn, horizontally or vertically (exception: Soldier).
  • No piece can move diagonally, jump over other pieces, or move to a tile that already has a piece.
  • It's not allowed to jump or move inside the lakes.
  • Just one piece can move each turn.
  • The Soldier(2) can move as many free tiles as he wants, horizontally and vertically. He can also move and attack at the same turn.
  • A piece can't move more than 5 times, without a pause, between two tiles.

Attack Rules

  • Whenever a piece of yours is side by side with a piece of the adversary, horizontally or vertically, they're in attack positon.
  • The piece with the lowest value is removed from the board. If the winner piece is the attacker, it moves to the captured piece position. If the winner was attacked, it stays where it was.
  • When two pieces of the same value attack each other, both are removed from the board.
  • The attack is always optional.

Special Attack Rules

  • Bomb and Defuser(3): All pieces that attack a bomb, are removed from the board. Except for the Defuser, that disarms and captures the Bomb.

  • Marshal(10) and Spy(1): The Marshal winsfrom all other pieces of lower value, being captured only if attacked by the Spy. In case the Marshal attacks the Spy first, he wins.

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