Players: 4 or 6

Card Pack: standard 52 card

Distribution: five cards are dealt to each player and the remaining cards piled up in the center of the table "pool".

Object: play as many card combinations as you can (quartets).




Combination (quartets) - If the player is holding four suits of the same rank, he may play the cards face up in front of him.

Player of the turn - Player entitled to play at the time.

Asked number - Rank that the player of the turn chooses to ask an opponent.

Asked player - Player chosen by the player of the turn, must answer if he has the asked card and hand it.


The game


The player whose turn it is to play choses another player and asks for cards of a particular rank. The player can only ask for a rank they are holding.

The asked player must then, if they have any, hand over all cards of that rank to the player of the turn or if the asked player has none, tell the player of the turn to "Go fish" .

If the asked player has no cards from that rank, the player of the turn draws (fish) a card from the center pile (pool).

If the player of the turn receives the card they wanted (through either means), he may take another turn. Otherwise the turn is passed to the player on the left.

If the player of the turn is holding all four suits of one rank, he may play the cards face up in front of him.

The game ends when a player runs out of cards, or the center pile (pool) is empty.


End of the match


The player with more card combinations in front of him wins.

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