The Game Velvet Hangman has been put together according to the classic Hangman Game rules. The difference here is that 4 Users compete among themselves for the best score.

  • Object of the game: Scoring best in 5 matches.

The Game

The object of the game is to guess all letters a given word carries. Players simultaneously choose a letter which they think is part of that word in each round. If a word carries the chosen letter, it is then displayed in the position(s) where it stands in the word. However, if the chosen letter isn't part of the given word, a part of the player's dummy body pops up under the hanging pole. When all 6 parts of the dummy body have popped up, the player is out.


This Hangman Game is made up of 5 matches, each one brings a given word to be guessed. Each word is worth 60 points which are split among all players who have guessed it. Thus if one player guesses a word right, he/she wins 60 points; if 2 players guess it right, each one wins 30 points and so forth. Furthermore, the players who have guessed it, win a bonus according to the amount of mistakes they've made. That bonus is initially worth 60 points and every time a player makes a mistake, 10 points are deducted.

The Winner

The winner is the player who gets the highest number of points in all 5 matches.

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