It's a 2 players game, where they sit in opposite positions.

  • Players - 2
  • Deck of Cards - two 52 cards deck.
  • Distribution - eleven cards each participant and two extra hands.
  • Objective - Score more points.


  • Meld - three or more cards in order and from the same suit (3, 4, 5 and 6 of Clubs; 10, Jack and Queen of Hearts) with the Aces comming before 2's and after Kings. You need at least 3 cards to start a meld but more can be used simultaniously, or added to the meld along the match.
  • Trump Cards - 2's are used as a trump card, replacing any card. Example: Queen of Diamonds - any 2 - Ace of Diamonds;
  • Go out - to have no cards in hands.
  • Extra Hand - go out to get this extra pile of 11 cards.
  • Directly/Indirectly Going Out - directly is when the player melds every and each card from his/her hands. Grabs the extra hand and keeps on playing, without drawing a new card from the pack. Indirectly is when the player ends all cards from his/her hands, except one that is discarded. The player grabs the extra hand but can only play at his/her next turn.
  • Canasta - meld with 7 or more cards from the same suit, in a row. There are three types of canastas: Mixed (with a trump card), Natural (no trump cards) and 1.000 (from Ace to Ace without trump cards).
  • Discard Pile - cards players discarded during the game.
  • Pack - All leftover cards after distribution.

The Game

The first to play draws a card from the pack, checks all possible combination at his/her hands and throws away one that doesn't interest him/her. This card starts the discard pile and only the top card from it can be seen. After discarding, the next player goes, and so on, until the match ends. After each draw, the player can combine some cards - meld - before discarding one from his/her. Discarding means that this player ended playing for now and is passing the turn. The player can't go back. From the second play and on, there is the option to draw a card from the pack or all cards at the discard pile. But someone can only draw the discard pile if the card from the top of it melds into a game already at the table or with the cards in hands The player that knocks out with the initial 11 cards can draw the extra pile and continue playing. If a player that already draw the extra pile goes out again, the match is over, but to do this at least a natural canasta is needed. If any player isn't able to draw the extra hand, a hundred points must be discounted, plus the points for each card left in hand. In case the pack of cards end before the match ends, and there is still an extra hand, this extra pile must be moved to the pack and the game continues.


By the end of the game, all points are summed. Cards over the table plus the canasta values. Then all the points from the cards left on your hand are discounted. For the player that knocks out, there is an extra hundred points. For the ones that didn't draw the extra pile, a hundred points are discounted.

Detail: If a player draws the extra pile throught an indirect knock out and the adversary ends the match before the player uses the extra hand, the points must be discounted, like the player never got the extra hand.


  • Go Out = 100 points.
  • Trump Card (2's) = 10 points.
  • From 8 to King = 10 points each card
  • From 3 to 7 = 5 points each card
  • Aces = 15 points each
  • Natural Canasta - Worth 100 point
  • Mixed Canasta - Worth 100 points.
  • 1000's Canasta- Worth 1000 points

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