With two players all the scoring is individual. With four players, two teams are formed, siting in alternate positions.

  • Players - 2 or 4.
  • Pack - two 52 cards deck with two Jokers each.
  • Distribution - eleven cards each participant.
  • Objective - Score more points.


  • Meld - three or more ordered cards from the same suit (straights) and three or more cards from the same value for different or same suits (sets) excpet for the two's. Example.: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of Clubs or 10, J (jack) and Q (queen) of Hearts. (The Ace can go up, after the king or down, before the 2; 3 of Clubs, 3 of Diamonds and another 3 of Clubs, etc. The minimum number of cards to opena a meld is 3, but more can be put in the table simultaniously, or another cards added to the meld during the match. Can't meld different sets of the same value. The highest straight is from Ace to King..Wildcards
  • Wildcards - tthe Two's ares used as wildcards, replacing any caqrd in a meld. Example: Queen, any 2, Ace of Diamonds; 7 of Clubs, 7 of Hearts, any 2.
  • Knocking Out - When you used all cards from the hand
  • Extra Pile - With 2 participants, each player recieves 11 cards after knocking out for the first time. If it's a teams game, just the first one of the duo to knock will get the extra pile.
  • Direct or Indirect Knocking Out - Direct knock outis when the player ends all cards in his/her hands without discarding a card. Than this player will draw the extra pile and will continue to play without drawing a card. Inderect is the one that the player ends the cards discarding one. He will draw the extra pile but will only be able to play when it's his/her turn again.
  • Canasta - Seven or more cards game in a straight of the same suit or a set of cards from the same value with mixed suits. There are two types: Natural (without wildcards) and Mixed (with wildcard)
  • Discrd Pile - "trash bin" or table cards.
  • Pile - Leftovers after distribution.

The Game

The first player draws a card from the pile or the discard pile that starts with a card on it already, check for any possible melds with this card and discards one that doesn't interest. After that, the next player will be the one to the left of the first, and so goes on, until the end of the match. After each draw, a player can meld any combination of cards - melds - before discard a card from his/her hands. Discarding means that he/she ended his turn. He/she can't go back. What is done is done. From the second player on, there is an option to draw a card from the pile or all cards from the discard pile. The player that knocks out melding all cards from the hand, will grab the extra pile and the game will proceed as before. When playing with duos, each extra pile corresponds to each duo. If a team already got the extra pile and knocks out, the match ends, but to do so the duo must have at least a canasta, mixed or natural. If the other duo didn't draw the extra pile, they loose 100 extra points added to the cards in their hands. If there is no knock out, the game ends when there are no more cards in the pile.


At the end of the match, all points in the table are summed. The individual value of each card plus the extra value for the canastas and less the value of the cards left in hand. The player or duo that knocks out gets a 100 point bonus and if a player or team don't get the extra pile, 100 point are discounted from the total amount.

Detail: If a player goes for the extra pile with an indirect knocking and the adversary knocks out ending the match before the previous player using any of the extra pile cards, the penalty for the extra pile is aplied, like the team never got the extra pile.


  • Going Out = 100 points.
  • Wildcard (twos) = 20 points.
  • Joker = 50 points.
  • Eights to Kings = 10 points each card.
  • Threes to Sevens = 5 points each card.
  • Aces = 15 points each.
  • Natural Canasta - Worth 200 points.
  • Mixed Canasta - Worth 100 points.

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