• Players - 4.
  • Deck of Cards - a 52 cards deck.
  • Distribution: 4 cards with the face down on the table and 4 cards each participant.
  • Objective: To have the biggest mount of cards.

The Game

The game starts with the player to the left of the dealer. He/she must verify if any of his hand cards has the same number as the cards with the face-up on the table. If they're the same, the player draws both cards and put in his/her pile.

In case any card from this player has the same number as the card from the top from any of the other players pile, this player can steal the pile from this opponent, drawing all cards.

In case the player doesn't have any card with the same value as any on the table, he must discard a card from his hands on the center of the table, face up.

When all player are without cards on their hands, 4 more cards are dealt each, until the deck is over.


The game Scopa ("broomstick" in italian) is, up to today, one of the most popular card game in Italy. The fun is eternalized in country cities, where italians play games at the parks, challenging each other and yelling Fatto Scopa! (wiped the table) every time they do it.

Traditionally, Scopa is played with a Napolitan card deck (from Naples - in italian Napoli, in neapolitan Napule - an iintalian community from the south of Italy, at Campania region, world famous for it's history, music, natural appeal and the land where pizza was invented.

At the Napolitan card deck there are 4 suits: Coppe (Hearts), Ori (Diamonds), Spade (Spades) and Bastoni (Clubs) with values from 1 (Ace) to 7, plus 3 figures: Fante (Jacks, worth 8), Cavallo (Queen, worth 9) and Re (King, worth 10).

As regras The rules are basically the same as Italian Scopa from GameVelvet. And there are more traditional Scopa variants, like the "Asso piglia tutto" (Ace takes all), where tjhe player that plays an Ace draws all cards on the table.

The game is played very often at the italian descendents communities all around the world, being popularized during the 20th century.

The game ends when there are no more cards to deal, and the winner is the one with the biggest mount of cards. If the number of cards is the same between 2 or more players, it is a tie.

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