The Game

Eureka is a GameVelvet exclusive, where the objective is forming words and scoring the highest number of points, as fast as you can.


General Rules:

Eureka consists in combining letters to form the highest number of words, at the lowest time possible.

The players take turns as leaders, depending on the speed they form known and unique words.

The first to reache the check-point score extra points, but unlocks an extra letter to his/her opponents, making the game more challenging and thrilling.

There are 4 check points (blue tiles) at the board.

The winner is the one who scores more points at the end of the match.

The match happens in 3 rounds. Each round, a different challenge:

Round 1 - Forming Words: the players recieve 6 letters and must form words with 4 to 10 letters.

Round 2 - Completing Word: a total of 20 words, using all the alphabet's letters.

Round 3 - Completing with Sufixes: The player must complete the already initiated waords with sufixes.

At Eureka words game isn't possible to repeat or invent words. When that happens, a message alerts the player, that can insert a new option or "jump" the word.

No accentuation needed so you can play faster.

Distribution and game

The dealer places 4 covered cards at the table and deals the others between the players, until each one has 9 cards, and the table has 4 uncovered cards. Each player, at their own turn, plays a card. The player by the dealer's right side starts. The game flows anti-clockwise until all cards are over.

If the card played is of the same value of a card on the table, or the sum of more cards on the table, the person grabs the played card or cards, forming a pile in front of him/her. If not, leaves the cards on the table.

If a player grabs all cards on the table, he scores a 'Scopa', that is worth 1 point. To show a Scopa was scored, the player puts on it's own pile a crossed card with it's face up.

In case there are different card combinations that a player can grab playing the same card, it's mandatory to grab the combination with less cards possible. If there are more than 1 combination with the same number of cards, the player can choose. Example: if there is an Ace (value = 1), a 3, a 4, a 5 e a Jack (value = 8), the user playing a Queen (value = 9) can pick up the Ace and Jacks or the 4 and 5 (2-cards combinations). He/she can't grab Ace, 3 and 5, because they have 3 cards. At the end of the hand all cards on the table go to the last one to grab cards from it.

Cards Value

At the end of each hand, the points each team scores are calculated as the following:

4 'Deck' points:

  • The duo that got more cards score 1 point. In case of a tie no point is scored.
  • The duo that got more diamonds recieve 1 point. In case of a tie no point is scored
  • The team that wins the "First" recieves 1 point. The "First" is calculated by the following: 7 is worth 21 points, 6 is worth 18 points, the ace is worth 16 points, 5 is worth 15, 4 is worth 14 points, 3 is 13 points, 2 is 12 and the figures are worth 10 points each. Each duo sums the points of only one card of each suit, between the ones they have. The team with most points wins the "First". Example: a team has 7 of hearts, 7 of clubs, 7 of diamonds and 6 of spades, so the sum up 81 points. The other duo can only have, in the best case scenario, the 7 of spades and three 6's from the other suits (clubs, hearts and diamonds) for a total of 75 points. If so, the first team scores the point that the "First" is worth. In case of a tie no points are scored.
  • The team that grabs the 7 of Diamonds (A.K.A.'Sette Bello') recieves 1 point. Further, the follwing scores:
  • Each Scopa is worth 1 point.

The points obtained in each hand are added to all the previous hands and the team to reach or pass 16 points wins the match. If both duos reach or pass 16 points at the same hand, the winner is the team with more points. In case of a tie, 1 or more hands are played until it unties.

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