The game has four players and two duos are formed. They must sit in alternate positions.

  • Players - 4.
  • Pack - one 40 cards spanish deck, removing all eights and nines.
  • Distribution - three cards each participant.
  • Objective - Score 24 points.


  • Envido and Flower - Game types where extra points are disputed, even the whole match can be won this way.
  • Round - a sequence of 4 plays, where each player plays a card.
  • Hand - a sequence of 2 or 3 rounds, that initially is worth 1 poi
  • Match - The whole match is worth 24 points
  • Truco - a bet to raise the hand value (Truco is worth 2 points, Retruco worth 3 and Vale 4 is worth 4 points).
  • Card values (highest to lowest): 1 of Spades, 1 of Clubs, 7 of Spades, 7 of diamons, All 3's, All 2's, 1 of Hearts e 1of Diamonds, all 12's (Kings), all 11's (Knights), all 10's (Jacks), 7 of Clubs and 7 of Hearts, all 6's, 5's and 4's.


  • Ace of Spades: raise the eyebrows
  • Ace of Clubs: blink an eye
  • 7 of Spades: stretch the mouth to the right
  • 7 of Diamonds: stretch the mouth to the left
  • Any 3's: bite your inferior lip.
  • Any 2's: pucker up the mouth
  • Other Aces: open mouth
  • Low Envido (27, 28 or 29 points): lean the head to the side
  • High Envido (30 pointos or more): wrinkle the nose
  • For lower cards, close the eyes (like the player is BLIND and has nothing good to play)

The Game

After card distribuiton, the Hand begins, initially worth 1 point. Hands are played sucessively, until one of the teams reach 24 points, ending the match. The player who starts is the next to the last, in a anti-clockwise fashion. After a round, the first will be the one who won the last round.

The Hand

The hand cna have 3 rounds. The participant that plays the highest card is the round winner and the duo that wins 2 rounds wins the hand. If there is a ita ina round, the team that wins any other round (before or after the tied round) wins the hand. If there is a tie in all 3 rounds, no one scores and a new hand starts.

Truco / Retruco / Vale 4

At their own turn, each player can call Truco. If so, the adversaries must chose if the accept it, if they forfeit or call a Retruco. Accepting raised the hand value to 2. If they "run", the team whio called Truco wins the hand. In case of a Retruco, the ones who called for Truco now must decide to accept, "run" or raise a "Vale 4". General rules: a player can only raise the bet in this order: 2, 3 e 4. Example: can't call "Vale 4" if the hand is worth a Truco or none at all, only if it's already a Retruco. Can't ask for a Truco twice in a row at the same hand. When a team forfeits, the other wins the hand and scores its points. Example: the hand is worth 2 points and then a team asks for Retruco - sif the adversáries run, the ones who called Retruco wins 2 points (the duo gets what the hand is currently worth).


Envido is a form of winning points, just as the Truco, but in another way. To score an Envido we must have at least 2 cards of the same suit, summing up 20 extra card value. If the players doesn't have 2 cards of the same suit, the Envido can be called, but the player won't sum 20 to the card value, lowering the chances to win. After that, all card values from the same suit are added and the one witht he highest card value will win the Envido.

Just like the Truco, the Envido caqn be raised:

Real Envido (3 points worth) and Falta Envido (the winner gets a number of points equal to the points left for the other team to win the game).

From 1 to 7: their own value. From 10 to 12: 0 points.


THE FLOWER can be "called" by any player who has 3 cards of the same suit, as long as the player didn't play any cards in the table this hand. It's initially worth 3 points. It cancels the ENVIDO, and when the FLOWER is in play it's not allowed to call TRUCO and the round ends. The FLOWER can be raised if the other players has another FLOWER. This is how it works: one of the players call FLOWER and it's worth 3 points, if his partner has a FLOWER aswell he can raise it's value to 6. If any of the adversaries has a FLOWER, they have 3 options:

  • QUIERO - the FLOR value raises to 9, in case both adversaries choose QUIERO, the FLOWER value is raised to 12.
  • CONTRAFLOWER - doubles the actual FLOWER value, in this case it shows the adversários who called CONTRAFLOWER and the REST, where the points left to end the game is in dispute. In this moment, the adversaries can only choose QUIERO or ME ACHICO.
  • ME ACHICO - In case both teams choose ME ACHICO in any moment of the FLOWER, win the duo who called FLOWER the last.

Untie critéria for Envido and Flower

In case there is a tie between Envidos/Flowers, wins the team that has the player who started the round.

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