Welcome to Word Race!

Accumulate as many poists as possible by building words using the letters in the panel.

Game Interface:

1- Letter panel

2- Words built by all players

3- Bonus word and it's execution countdown

4- Player's panel

5- Chat and Tips

6- Achievements

7- Number of rounds won

8- Letter panel thumbnail

How to Play:

Left click on a letter to select it.
To move a selected letter, click on another letter in the same column or line.
Letters can only be moved horizontally or vertically.
Continuosly move letters around until they form words. Words can only be built horizontally or vertically.
To validate a built word, right click it. Do this to score points.
Rounds last 5 minutes. The player with the most points at the end wins the round.
Whoever wins 2 rounds first wins the game, independently of the amount of points others scored in all rounds.
Hold Ctrl key to continuosly move a selected letter.
Words built vertically are worth double the points.

Try building as many words possible sharing the same letters. This will multiply your points by the number of words.

Click on a shared letter to validate the words built.
Everytime you build a word, you automatically send a stone and weak letters to your opponents
The letters sent to your opponents will be your color. So when you recive opponent's letters, the color indicates who sent them.
Words built using stones of an opponent's color, that oponent will receive, other than the normal letters and stone, addicional stones in the amount of letters in the word.
Stones can be broken by building words attached to them. Broken stones turn into strong letters worth more points.
Weak words are worth 10 points and only have their borders colored. Strong words are worth 50 points and are fully colored.
Throughout the game bonus words will appear in the bottom panel. The first player to build it within 1 minute will receive 4X the value of that word.
Bonus words are discarded in case it isn't built due to a lack of time or letters.
Once a bonus word is validated by the first player to build it, its bonus is reduced to 3X, then 2X and then it ceases to be a bonus word.
Bonus words cannot be combined with other words.
Stones are set by other players. They are stationary and don't allow letters to go through them and last till the end of the round unless broken by a validated word build next to it.

Values of Words

In the built words panel you'll see the attributes of each word and its value:

The more letters in a word, the higher its value.
Letters that build more than one word increase those word's value multiplier by the number of words build.
Vertical words are worth 2X more.

At the end of every round the overall scores are show as well as a summary of each word built, this way you'll be able to compare your performance to other players.


Ranking and achievements

This game if ranked and has earnable achievements.

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