• Players - 2 to 5 playing individually (at GameVelvet is 4).
  • Deck of Cards - two 52 cards French decks and 2 Jokers.
  • Distribution - 13 cards each player and 1 with the face up at the discard pile.
  • Game Objective - Knock out, melding all cards in hand into sets of three, four or more cards or straights, discarding the last card from hand.

The Game

  • Three or Four of a Kind: three or four cards from different suits, but the same value
  • Straights: three or more cards from the same suit with their values in order (Example: 3, 4, 5 of Clubs).
  • Opening (open): meld at least a three of a kind and/or straight, obtaining at least 40 points
  • Knock Out: meld all cards in hands into threes and fours of a kind, and straights, melding cards into combinations already on the table and discarding the last card on the discard pile.

The Game

Thirteen cards are dealt, with their faces down, in a clockwise fashion, to each player. A card is draw face-up on the table and represts the discard pile. The cards that are left are placed by the side of the discard pile and they consist the draw pile. Each player draws a card from the draw pile and discards another on the discard pile. To open the game a player needs to meld 1 or more combinations, that sum up at least 40 points. A player that didn't "open" his game yet can only draw from the discard pile if it helps him opening the game at this turn. The first player, as known as "hand" can buy the first card from the discard píle without using it for opening his/her game. (Example: A Joker can end as the first discard pile card. The first to play can draw it without the need to use it). When any combination is formed, any card can be replaced witha Joker. After the Opening, when it's time to draw, a playher can draw the last card from the discard pile, while someone that didn't open the game yet can only draw from the drawing pile. After the opening, a player can, after drawing a card, add one or more cards onto the combinations already meld on the table, even if he/she isn't the one who played the combination. In case a combination on the table has a joker and the player has the card that replaces the joker, he/she can play that card and put the joker on his/hers hands. In case all cards from the drawing pile are used, the discard pile is turned face down, starting a new draw pile and the first card is shown, being the first card from the new discard pile. It's not allowed to know out without discard a card. A player can knock out melding at the same time all the cards and discarding the last one (Opening and Knock Out at the same time). In this case it's called a Hand Know Out and the points payed by the adversaries are doubled. It's not allowed to know out at the first round.


  • Cards from 2 to 9 are worth their own value in points.
  • The face cards are worth 10 points.
  • The Ace is worth 1 point when it comes before the 2 in a straight. And 11 points when placed after the king or in a set of three or four cards.

All cards left on your hand will be discounted when an opponet knocks out; The Joker is worth 25 points, the Ace 11, but only 1 if it is the last and only card from the hand. When a player reaches 100 points discounted he is eliminated from the game, in a way that the last one standing is the winner.

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