GameVelvet's Conquian is played with 3 participants.

  • Players - 3
  • Spanish Card Deck - 40 cards
  • Distribution- 8 cards for each participant
  • Objetivo - Drop 9 cards. (8 from hand + 1 from discard)


  • Trinca: three or more cards of the same value and different suits.
  • Sequence: Three or more cards in numerical sequence of the same suit.
  • Cut: Action performed when you manage to create sets on the table containing 9 cards in total.
  • Force: Forcing the opponent to use a card from the discard pile to fit it into a game on the table, thus forcing him to discard a card from his hand.
  • Pass: When he is unable or unwilling to perform an action during his turn, he passes the turn to the next player.
  • Pay: Discard one of the cards from the hand after having used the card from the wastebasket to form a set and place it on the table.
  • Change: He will select one of his cards from his hand to pass it to the player on his right. This action is performed by all players at the beginning of the game simultaneously.
  • Stack: Pile of cards face down.
  • Discard/bin: Pile of face-up cards discarded by players.
  • Spanish deck: Deck of 40 cards in 4 suits and numbered from 1 to 12, except for the 8 and 9 of each suit.

The Conquian Game

Traditionally played with Spanish cards, Conquian is somewhat similar to the Rummy game, played individually in games of 2 to 6 people (in MegaJogos played by 3 persons) where the winner is the one who downloads sets containing a total of 9 cards, and may be in the same set or in separate sets.

Unlike some Rummy games, in Conquian the flipped card from the stack can only be used to download new games using cards from the player's hand or to fit into games already on the table either yours or your opponents'. In practice, he has to deal with the cards he received at the beginning of the game, he can only discard them at the appropriate time, but not replace them.

Another feature of Conquian is the democratization of the discard, where all players, counterclockwise answer whether they will use the card from the discard pile or pass the opportunity to the next player. If no one reuses the discarded card, a new round begins.

And last but not least: there are no jokers in this game. If all the cards in the purchase stack are used up, the player with the fewest cards in hand wins. In case of a new tie by number of equal cards, the game ends in draw.

Quick guide on how to play Conquian

Conquian is played with a Spanish deck containing 40 cards. 4 suits of each of the following numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,10, 11, 12. In case of playing with a French deck the sequence of numbers looks like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, J, Q, K.

To win you need to set up games on the table that add up to a total of nine cards down.

Sequence: Grouping of 3 or more cards of the same suit. The Spanish deck in this game does not use cards 8 9, therefore card 10 is the successor to card 7 in the sequences. Unlike other games where it is common to use card 1 after card 13 (King), in Conquian card 1 can only be used before card 2 in the following sequences. If a French deck is used, cards 8, 9 and 10 are not used, therefore J is the successor of card 7.

Trinca: 3 or more cards of the same value and different suits. Trincas will have a maximum of 4 cards.

Eight cards are dealt to each player alternately.

It is the first action of the game, just after receiving all the cards, each player selects a card from his hand and passes it to the player on the right side. This action is performed by all players simultaneously, that is, no player will see the card he/she has received, until everyone has chosen his/her change card.

A card from the stock pile on the table is turned over, starting the discard stack. Each player, in turn, checks if it is possible with this card:
- Group: Forming trincas or sequences using hand cards or games already on the table.Whenever you use the flipped card in the discard stack, you must discard (pay) one of your hand cards to the discard stack and thus close your turn.
- Force: Forcing another player to use the card from the discard stack, forcing him to use the mandatory card in a game that is already on the table and discarding one of the cards from the hand.
- Pass: Indicate to players that cannot or will not use the card and pass the turn to the next player to the right to try to use it or, like you, pass the turn.
- Cut: Beat the game by using 9 cards to form sets on the table, ending the game.

Each time none of the players can form sets with the card from the discard stack, a new card from the stack is placed in the discard pile, starting another round.

También es posible reuse cards from sets already formed on the table to form new sets by combining them with the discard card and/or cards from your hand, provided that each dropped set has a minimum of three cards.

If you started the game with any set formed in your hand, you can put it down on your turn, even if you do not use the card from the discard pile. This time you do not have to pay.

Wins the player who puts down 9 cards on the table. Obs.: Even if some of those low cards were forced by the other players.

Tip: If you have 8 cards down and no cards in your hand, you must wait to turn over a card that fits one of your sets on the table in order to win.

In the event that all the cards in the purchase pile are used up, the winner is the one with the lowest number of cards in hand, in the event of a new tie, the game ends in a draw and no any player wins the game.

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