Fast game introduction:

  • Belote is played with a 32 cards deck.

  • Belote is played with 4 participants (2 teams of 2 players). At GameVelvet, a simbol appears in front of the player's avatar. For the attacking team is a sword and the defending is a shield.

  • Belote is a dunning game: the one who plays the highest card following the choosen suit, or that used the highest trump card scores.

  • Belote is a contract game: one of the players chooses the active suit; his side must, to follow the contract, score more points than the adversaries.

  • Belote is played anti-clockwise.

How to play

Move and learn to play Rummy with Gamevelvet. It's easy and very fun! To start, is very important to understand 3 very specific moves from this game.

1. At Rummy you can use any card on the table if you play at least 1 card from your hand. Meaning that you can divide any straights or sets on the table to meld new sequences or threes of a kind. Example:

2. You can only draw from the drawing pile when there are no cards to play. But in this case, after drawing from the pile, the player must wait for his/her next turn.

3. You can play cards on the table and return cards to your hand, in case you give up of a play ar can't meld new combinations. But you can't return cards that were previously on the table.

4. The sets at Rummy can repeat the suits, even when there are only three of a kind.


Ace (A) 15
J, Q, K 10 each
2 to 10 Each card value, for example:
2 = 2 points
3 = 3 points
9 = 9 points

The game scoring is calculated from the one with the worst match results, that is, the one with the mujst points in hand.

Setting the score of the worst looser, it is deduced from this number what is left on each opponents hand until each one's scored is defined.

At Rummy there is no tiebreaker.

A duo must score more points than the other side to complete the contract. In the most frequent cases, the total number of points is 162 and the objective is to score more than 81. But when an extra score is credited, the total is 182 and the victory happens with 91 points or more.

Three scenarios can happen::

  • If the next player to the reciever scores more that half of the points, each side will score the number of points obtained.

  • If the next player to the reciever scores less that half of the points, the oppositing side will score all points (162 or 182).

  • If the next player to the reciever scores less that half of the points, the adversaries will score their points (81 or 91), and all other points will be kept for the next round (they will be scored by the next round winner).

Special Case: the hood

If a side win all the raises, it scores all the points but not the Hand of Ten, but gets 100 extra points. So this side will socre 252.

Winning the Match

The first side to reach a pre-established score (1000 points) wins the game.

Gamevelvet's Belote is an call free belote. The calls complicate the game, at the same time raises the luck aspect at the expense of the strategy.




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